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Coming Fall 2023

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Reimagining retail connections

We are here to disrupt the way retailers find talent, help build thriving retail careers, and connect retailers with the best solution providers.

For Candidates

Find job opportunities, learning and coaching resources, and industry community - everything you need to develop a strong career. OSSY is here to support you in the long run.

For Retail Brands

OSSY is dedicated to introducing you to highly engaged candidates and solution providers with a unique, cost-effective approach and a long-term commitment to your business success.

For Solution Providers

OSSY connects you with companies that need your tech. Establish relevant and constructive partnerships to get visibility and keep your solutions at the top of the conversation.

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Coming Fall 2023

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OSSY is at the start of something that has never been done before in the retail industry, and we're glad to have you along for the ride. 

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Ron Thurston & Roi Perets
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