What’s included with my package?

With your package, you'll have access to our dedicated team, ready to help as soon as possible.

Here's what we offer:

Personalized Attention: As soon as you have an open role, we’ll schedule a call to delve deep into your specific needs and goals, ensuring we know exactly what qualities you seek in a candidate.

Tailored Candidate Selection: We'll utilize our vast network to identify candidates who meet your criteria and fit your company culture.

Efficient Process: We act swiftly to fill vacancies, especially crucial in retail.

Long-Term Partnership: We aim to be your ongoing recruitment partners, always ready to help staff your store with top talent.

What is your fee structure, and what does it include?

Our pricing is transparent and budget-friendly, using a flat rate fee structure instead of the typical percentage of a candidate’s annual salary. We charge one flat rate for positions with a base salary under $100K and another for salaries above $100K, ensuring clear and simple pricing.

Payment is required upfront, but our competitive rates and high-quality service make OSSY a cost-effective choice for recruitment. We're dedicated to understanding your needs and delivering the best candidates for your success.

Can I purchase just one job to fill under $100K salary?

Yes! We have flat fee of $5000 for one position under $100K annual salary.

Does my package expire?

We know that you will have hiring needs throughout the year, so your package with us does not have an expiration date.

You are free to utilize it whenever you need to search for candidates, and don’t hesitate to reach out when you’re ready to initiate a search; we’re here to support you every step of the way!

Do you have experience in retail recruiting?

At OSSY, we have extensive experience in retail recruiting, led by our Co-Founder, Ron Thurston.

Ron has hired hundreds of individuals and his deep knowledge of the retail sector enhances our recruitment strategies.

We utilize the latest technologies to efficiently connect with and evaluate candidates, moving beyond traditional methods.

Understanding the unique challenges of the retail industry, we are equipped to help you find the best talent and ensure your recruitment process is smooth and effective.

What’s your screening process for candidates?

At OSSY, we pride ourselves on a personalized approach to candidate screening, providing an experience akin to top executive search firms.

We engage in deep, competency-based discussions to thoroughly understand each candidate’s skills and motivations.

This detailed insight helps us ensure a precise match between job seekers and employers, streamlining the hiring process to be quicker, easier, and more cost-effective.

Our method not only results in better matches but also enhances long-term success and satisfaction for both parties

What’s the replacement policy if the hire doesn’t work out?

At OSSY, we guarantee your satisfaction with our candidates and understand the importance of a good employer-employee fit.

If a hire doesn’t work out within the first 90 days, we offer a free replacement policy. Our team will assess any needed adjustments to find a better match for the role.

This policy underscores our commitment to long-lasting partnerships and ongoing support, ensuring a seamless and successful recruitment process.

What makes your recruitment approach unique to other recruiters?

At OSSY, we specialize in the retail sector, particularly in essential field-level roles like store leadership and sales positions, crucial for shaping the brand experience.

Unlike firms with a broader focus, our dedicated expertise in retail allows us to deeply understand these roles and connect employers with top candidates tailored to their specific needs.

Our approach leverages specialized focus and deep industry knowledge to significantly impact the retail experience.

What’s our communication process during a search?

At OSSY, we prioritize open and transparent communication throughout the recruitment process, adapting to your preferred methods—be it text, email, Zoom, WhatsApp, or phone calls.

We customize our communication to fit your schedule, making it easy and convenient for you to receive updates and stay connected.

Our goal is to make the recruitment experience seamless and stress-free, with effective communication as a cornerstone of our approach.